• There is NO access to the shelter prior to 10am

  • NO access the night before unless preauthorized through park

  • We do not guarantee electrical capacity at the shelters

  • All shelters must be cleaned to receive cleaning deposit back

    • Put ALL tables back to original locations

    • ALL trash picked up and bagged and put inside if possible

    • Floors swept

    • If used, clean refrigerator or stove

    • If you staple paper to the tables, remove all staples when finished

    • Return all game equipment back to clubhouse (horseshoes, volleyball, etc.)

    • NO table confetti or glitter allowed

    • Turn out lights and shut all doors

    • NO loud music. Be considerate of your neighboring shelters and of the playhouse theater performances

Our staff hopes that you have an enjoyable day at Brooke Hills Park!

In case of emergency

Brooke Hills Park Clubhouse: 304-737-1236
Brooke County Sheriff’s Office: 304-737-3660