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The SPOOKTACULAR takes place in our historic, 185+ year old farmhouse, built before 1822, which holds a shocking past, and a history of true stories of ghosts and the unexplained. The house was the mansion of the late W.C. Gist, and his wife who owned the 750 acres, of what was known as "Happy Hills Farm". After the death of Mr. Gist, his 750 acre farm property was willed to Brooke County and became Brooke Hills Park, which is what it has been for the past 55 years. At Brooke Hills Spooktacular, we DO NOT use any type of animatronics - Only live volunteer actors. Each year, our volunteers come to run the house, knowing that group members are aware that they will be touched, ripped through walls, locked in areas, pulled through the ceiling, etc. (Sounds hard to believe, but we do, and we take pride in what we do.) Guided groups wander throughout the house, taking approximately 30 or more minutes to complete the tour. Each room of the old farm house is a stop along the tour, and each room is a different scene. NO TWO scenes/rooms have been used more than once, which means that annually, Spooktacular is always changing, and is always growing bigger each year!


Spook House will be closed

for construction this year

we hope to be up and running SOON


For those of you who don't have a belief in ghosts, believe us when we tell you that most of us did not believe either... at first. It has been the many hours spent in the house during the preparation for Spooktacular, that we have experienced the unseen residents of the house, which include: a little girl, the farmhand, Indians in the basement, and a number of other spectors that haunt the 185+ year old house. The house is home to many stories that belong to the locals in the area as well. Sightings are not a rare occurrence in the ancient farm house, especially when customers experience them as well.

There are activities and entertainment for the patrons who are waiting their turn into the old House, which help to pass the time away: The Hole in the Wall is a chance that patrons will take as they place their hand through a hole in the wall of the farmhouse... it's a chance of "trick or treat", as some people receive 'Jump to the head of the line' pass, or various other prizes. Fortunes can be told by our talented Madam Phoenix ~ give her a visit, and allow her to tell you what your future holds. Souvenir pictures are offered on location each night of Spooktacular. You and your friends can gather in a group picture with your favorite outside monsters at a nominal fee. Visit the Gallows, where we actually hang unruly patrons for our own pleasure. Watch the non-stop outside excitement featuring our creatures, but watch your back, they are everywhere! It's not uncommon for visitors to be dragged off from their friends and actually buried in open graves, or dragged into the house by our merciless monsters! (yes, we CAN and WILL do that)