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Brooke Hills Park becomes West Virginia's first official "Dark Park"

In a continuing effort to support and encourage interest in amateur and research astronomy, Brooke Hills Park encourages individuals and organizations to join them in "going dark". Using dark sky lighting protocols as agreed upon by such organizations as The International Dark-Sky Association and the Dark Sky Society , Brooke Hills Park, as an enthusiastic member of both organizations, will actively support educational and legislative efforts to eliminate light pollution.

The Dark Sky Society defines light pollution as: "Glare, Light Trespass, and 'up' lighting contributing to sky glow, by unshielded, misplaced, excessive, or unnecessary outdoor night lighting."

The International Dark-Sky Association expresses similar intent in their mission statement , "To preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting."

Brooke Hills Park believes in advocacy through action, and has already completed replacing golf course lighting with light fixtures conforming to dark sky protocols. Efforts are ongoing to replace all park lighting, and encourage neighbors to support this effort by educating themselves to the safety, economy, and aesthetic advantages of dark sky lighting.

Please support and visit Brooke Hills Park and other Dark Parks in your area.

Brooke Hills Park was the first home of the Monarch Butterfly Festival, initiated by entrepreneur, Heather Tokas Ness, founder of "Butterflies from Heather", established in 2000

Heather Tokas Ness is also;

Founder, West Virginia Monarch Day Celebration (est. 2007)
Champion, West Virginia Monarch Butterfly State Festival
Founder of West Virginia Monarch Butterfly Day (est. 2004)

Brooke Hills Park- will be hosting the West Virginia Monarch Day Celebration


SMART - Center

National Astronomy Day - 2008. On Saturday May 10th, 2008 from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Cardinal Shelter at Brooke Hills Park. Special thanks to the NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium for co-sponsoring this year's National Astronomy Day events.

For additional information and classroom fliers for these events please open the enclosed attachments or go on line to
and "click" on the Printable Fliers...

Additionally the WLSC SMART-Center is offering six different Summer Science Camps in 2008 open to interested students. For more information on these Summer Science Camps please send students to www.smartcenter.org web page and scroll down to Summer Science Camps 2008 and Applications, click to open.

We invite you to join us in promoting the ethic of service to solve problems and improve the quality of life for individuals and families in Brooke County.

Through volunteerism we are able to teach our youth skills that shall be invaluable to them in school as well as in the workplace.

Through volunteerism, we are able to capitalize on our community's wonderful diversity of talents, skills, and abilities.

We welcome your ideas, suggestions, time, and energy!

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Brooke Hills Park offers high school, college, and graduate students wonderful opportunities to study nature, enhance natural habitats, and develop new business ideas.

We welcome the opportunity to work with our regional school systems to further youth education, foster entrepreneurism, and support economic development in our region.